AeroSpec has served defense, aerospace, industrial and commercial clients throughout the world since 1992 providing technical expertise for surface engineering applications. We have metal finishing operations covering AMS, ASTM, MIL, Fed QQ as well as several client proprietary specifications. By combining our plating expertise in the same facility as our painting operations, we also provide a seamless transition from raw metal to finished part. We also offer helicoil and other assembly operations if required between plating and painting.

Plating Services include:

  • Tin Bright RoHS – MIL-T-10727, ASTM B 545, AMS2408
  • Tin Matte – MIL-T-10727, ASTM B 545, AMS2408
  • Tin/Lead 90/10 & 60/40 – MIL-P-81728, AMS-P-81728, ASTM B579
  • Electroless Nickel – MIL-C-26074, ASTM B 733, AMS C-26074, AMS2404, AMS2405
  • Black Nickel
  • Copper – MIL-C-14550, ASTM B734
  • Zinc Clear/Yellow – ASTM B633, QQ-Z-325
  • Chemical Film/Chromate/Alodine/Iridite – MIL-DTL-5541, MIL-C-5541, MIL-C-81706, ASTM B449
  • Passivation – ASTM A967, QQ-P-35

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